A systems approach
to problem solving

At NorthGuide, we always make sure to understand the broader picture. Our wide field of view allows us to share learnings across industries and make connections between public and private sectors.

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Thorough doesn’t have to mean slow

We move quickly, while following a roadmap to make sure no opportunity is overlooked. These are the steps we typically take when working with clients, but we're happy to jump in anywhere based on your unique needs.

Current state

Understand where your organization stands within your evolving landscape.

and goal setting

Now we know where you are, where are you trying to go? What’s your North star?

‍your approach

Reviewing your current strategy to understand and leverage what’s working well,
rather than starting from scratch.


With a solid understanding of your current state and goals, we help you build
a high-level plan on how best to move forward.


Together, we map out all the components that we need to start bringing your strategy together; this often includes pilot projects to help you test assumptions and validate strategy quickly.

strategy building

Tapping into the specialized expertise in Team NorthGuide, we help you build out sub-components of your strategy. Based on your unique needs these may include partnership & coalition building, narrative & positioning, program pilots, government & media engagement, revenue generation & fundraising.

Rollout and
strategic advice

We are done talking about all the things we are going to do, and it’s time to see it in action!  
Don’t worry, NorthGuide comes along on the journey, providing hands-on support along the way.

Unmatched Expertise

We’re former presidents, CEOs, deputy ministers, senior partners and chiefs of staff.  Our combined expertise and our relentless focus on helping clients increase their impact allow us to pinpoint opportunities and areas of focus within each strategy.  Within Team NorthGuide, you’ll find expertise at the highest level of:


Experienced strategists who have helped organizations establish a clear vision, build innovation processes, and establish a culture of innovation.

Startup & Scale-up

Leaders of business incubators/accelerators, and seasoned serial entrepreneurs.

Branding, Marketing & Communications

Visionary leaders who have successfully launched and managed global brands.

Government Expertise & Relations

Former senior public service executives with experience in federal and provincial governments, as well as Public Affairs experts.

Healthcare & Life Sciences

Former hospital CEOs, innovators and leaders in healthtech.

Governance & Leadership

C-suite executives and board members with experience leading and governing a diverse range of organizations.

Education & Post-secondary

Former public servants in the public school system, renowned academics and university administrators, and pioneers in edtech.

Media, Public Relations, and Crisis Management

Former journalists and editors, along with senior partners in prestigious PR firms.

Ecosystem Strategy & Community Relations

Champions and builders of innovation ecosystems experienced in bringing together communities to achieve shared outcomes.

Sustainability & Environment

Leaders and fellows in sustainability institutes, plus entrepreneurs and investors in cleantech & biotech, shaping a greener future.

Organization and Operational Strategy

Strategic doers who can establish clear vision, build road maps for execution, and define processes to get it done.

Emerging Technology

Engineers, scientists, and business leaders with leading knowledge on emerging tech and its impact on the world around us.

Equity, Diversity & Inclusion

Leaders with experience building EDI strategies and embedding accountabilities into a variety of organizations.

IP & Commercialization

Seasoned investors, incubator/accelerator leaders, and entrepreneurs with experience raising funding rounds.

Venture Capital

Researchers and innovators who know what it takes to bring technology from the lab to proof of concept to commercial viability.

NorthGuide helps you build a plan and act on it.

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