Discovery & launch

The Challenge

Founded in 2023 and armed with $40 million CAD in initial seed funding, Passage aims to fill Canada’s skilled labour gap. To create momentum with their launch and establish credibility from the outset, Passage needed a strong narrative, a launch plan and connections to government and media.

How NorthGuide helped

  • Developed and delivered a strong narrative and vision.
  • Prepared media release, Q&A and roll out plan for launch day.
  • Provided media and distribution support and coaching.
  • Identified key government contacts and developed an engagement strategy.

The Results

  • Press release was picked up by 127 media outlets across Canada and reached a potential audience of 113,400,000.
  • Notable coverage found in Yahoo! Finance,, Financial Post, National Post, Ottawa Citizen, Calgary Herald.
  • Total press release coverage: 113.4M impressions
  • Total social media coverage: 2,320,900 impressions
“It was clear from our first meeting with NorthGuide that they only play to win and were invested in our success. They seamlessly integrated into our core team as a trusted extension, and they assisted in developing a strategy and messaging that ensured our market launch was positioned for success."
Iman Hassani, COO, Passage