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We act as your guide, walking alongside to help you affect meaningful change

Our approach

Strategic Doing

Anyone can hand you a slide deck of recommendations. NorthGuide focuses on action that leads to results. We will work alongside you to develop a strategy that works for your organization, then help you move to execution - sharing our practices, tools, resources, and network along the way.

Leverage Coalitions

You don’t have to go it alone - coalitions help you make a bigger impact, leverage more capacity, and wield greater influence. We help clients build, grow, and nurture coalitions that achieve shared goals while minimizing risk and moving quickly.


We act as your guide and will help you build great things. Our engagement model augments your work with our expertise so that you own the results and feel prepared to carry forward developed strategy.

Systems Thinking

We take a holistic approach to solving problems and always make sure we understand the broader picture. Our wide field of view allows us to share learnings across industries and make connections between public and private sectors. We never reinvent the wheel.

Work seamlessly at the intersection between government and industry

We’ll help you understand how your organization is really perceived by others, provide an outside perspective, and expand your access to new partner opportunities. Some offerings include:

Signal checking: a quiet reputational and environmental scan.
Helping business understand how to navigate government.
Helping government understand how to engage and better serve businesses.
Cross-industry and cross-sector translation.

Increase your impact and achieve things you can’t alone

We’ll show you how to convene strategic partners to achieve desired outcomes. With a coalition approach and NorthGuide’s network, you’ll move faster, make more noise, and wield greater influence than on your own.
Some offerings include:

Coalition building and cultivation
Priority setting with your strategic partners and networks
Build and leverage innovation districts
Identifying, sustaining, and supporting community leadership
Identify new and strengthen existing partnerships

Spot and seize new opportunities

Our broad network helps you understand new trends, identify opportunities, and surface potential partnerships. We work with you to build a solid strategy then put it into action.

Trend and opportunity spotting
Ecosystem strategy development
Pilot project design and execution
Advice on scaling successful pilot projects

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